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Seminar at the Gottingen’s Institutskolloquium Ethnologie

On the 1st June 2023, Emilka Skrzypek and Nick Bainton were invited to present JTPac’s work at the University of Gottingen’s Institutskolloquium Ethnologie. The seminar presentation provided an overview of the JTPac project, but also served to open up a wider conversation about extractivism in the Pacific, under conditions of climate change.

‘Conversations and scholarly debates about climate change and extractivism in the Pacific are well established, each in its own right. Our work brings them together in an exploration of the relationship between these two global forces. We are interested in learning more about how Pacific people and nations are dealing with this form of double exposure: how exposure to climate change and extractive capitalism manifests, how it is experienced, the types of responses that have emerged, potential policy blind spots, and the disconnect between strategies to achieve economic development on the one hand and strategies to combat the worst effects of climate change on the other. ‘

You can find out more about the Göttingen Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology here: Institut für Ethnologie & Ethnologische Sammlung Göttingen | Göttingen Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology (GISCA) (