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The Pacific Centre for Social Responsibility and Natural Resources workshop

In the last week of June, JTPac’s Nick Bainton, Emilka Skrzypek and John Burton travelled to Pouembout in New Caledonia to take part in a workshop organised by the Pacific Centre for Social Responsibility and Natural Resources (PACSEN).

The workshop brought together researchers from New Caledonia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Australia in a series of critical conversations about management of natural resources in the Pacific.

In what ways can responsible and sustainable management of natural resources strengthen the region and improve the wellbeing of the Pacific communities? What are some of the risks and opportunities associated with utilisation of Pacific’s natural resources? And how will those be impacted by the dynamics of global energy transitions, and climate change?

The diversity of experiences and expertise present in the workshop demonstrated very clearly that addressing these questions will require a high level of collaboration between disciplines, sectors and countries.