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ESfO panel on Just Transitions and the Pacific – 4 June 2022

Emilka Skrzypek and Nick Bainton convened a panel titled Dealing with Double Exposure: Global Energy Transitions, Climate Change and Resource Extraction in the Pacific at the European Society for Oceanists’ conference in Ajaccio, Corsica, 2-6 June 2022.

The Pacific is at the frontline of a ‘double exposure’ to climate change and the consequences of economic globalisation. The panel explored ways in which Pacific peoples and nations experience and navigate the challenges of the double exposure and considers justice issues arising in the Pacific from increased resource extraction under conditions of climate change. We heard from:

  • Emilka Skrzypek: Global energy transitions and justice convergences in the Pacific
  • Jerry Jacka: Resource extraction and climate change in Papua New Guinea: the role of the Pacific in planetary phenomena
  • Tobias Shwoerer: Energy transitions in Papua New Guinea: mining, biomass plantations and local inequalities in the Markham valley
  • Norbert Pötzsch: Tongas environmental dilemma? Challenges of climate change and the increase of cars
  • Martino Miceli: Waiting for the day after: Energy transition and late-industrial disconnections in Nickeltown (Thio/ Cöö, Kanaky/ New Caledonia)